The 9 Most Talked About Aesthetic Treatments at Girl Around Town HQ

Leigh and I chat about beauty and beauty treatments often.  It goes with the territory in our beauty blogging world, but it’s also because we’re women in our 30s...and, let's be honest, who doesn’t talk about it??

Not too long ago we took a poll of our friends and heard a range of opinions on what treatments some have considered, are considering, or have had. (Click here to check it out!

Our friends represent a range of opinions and comfort levels with procedures, invasive and non.  But as I sit to consider what I personally talk about on a regular basis, a few procedures stand out for their frequency in our conversations. These three get the most attention:

1. Coolsculpting - UM, WE’RE OBSESSED. Non-invasive, zero down time. FREEZES FAT AWAY.  (ok, so you can tell I’m excited, and to say that I have a piggy bank labeled "COOLSCULPTING" might not be an exaggeration.)

2. Botox - Leigh gets it, I don’t. Others friends do.  And with each year that goes by, I consider it a little more. For now I’m trying to work time-reversal magic with acid peels, microdermabrasion, and IPL.

3. Cellfina - Micro blades cut the fibers that pinch the skin down, creating those hated dimples.  This one has surfaced in quite a few conversations with a few particular friends who are considering.  Jury’s still out on what I think about it (some mix of fascinations and fear for the unknown).

The talk of the aesthetic doesn’t stop with my business partner, co-writer and ex-roomie. Of course it also extends to my mother— an ardent Botched viewer — and who comes from a family history of face lifts and beautification treatments. 
The three most common procedures we discuss are:

1. Breast Augmentation - She’s had it. All her friends in the 80’s got it, yet she’s one of the few who hasn’t had any issues.

2. Lifestyle Lift - While my grandmother and aunt had multiple face lifts to keep their looks ever youthful (but in a totally “natural-looking” way), my mom has only ventured to get a mini-facelift a few years ago.

3. Kybella - Which brings us to Kybella, because the effects of the lifestyle lift are not so noticeable (damn that skin that just keeps getting lax (link to skin laxity article) with age!). So this shot that melts the fat of a neck waddle sounds AMAZING.

Oh, and #4, anything my mom sees on Botched.


And any one of my friends—or anyone who spends a moderate amount of time near me—knows my penchant for aesthetic treatments, particularly:

1. Chemical Peels - I used to get peels once a month. Love. I love them. Peel off the dead skin, let the new, fresh skin shine through!

2. Sugaring - After researching the various ways to remove hair, I realized that sugaring is the way to go. And I love explaining why ( 

3. Coolsculpting.  No, I really am obsessed.


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Posted on April 1, 2016 .