One on One with Jonathan Adler

We in Houston are doing cartwheels over the fact that Jonathan Adler has opened up his {amazingly awesome} store in West Ave. The bright colors and bold patterns can’t be missed while walking through the shopping & dining Mecca and the store just radiates happiness beckoning you inside with every bold throw pillow that you see.

As you can imagine, I was elated when I got the chance to sit down with Jonathan at the store’s grand opening and I chatted with him about all things design…and dog.

One on One with Jonathan Adler: 
GirlAT: What’s your favorite color combo?
Jonathan: Oh my gosh, that’s like Sophie’s Choice! I think right now, grey mixed with orange is really making my chakra’s tingle. Then also, I’m loving blue mixed with lemon yellow, I think because spring is in the air.

GirlAT: What geometric pattern is on trend this season?
Jonathan: I’m very happy to see the return of the triangle. Triangles have been very out of favor as a design motif, but I’m just looking at these pots over here of mine (see photo), and the triangle is kind of weird, kind of deco-y, kind of new wave. The triangle is back!

GirlAT: Favorite item of whimsy in your wardrobe?
Jonathan: I have a nifty vintage brass whale belt buckle that I really enjoy. It says “Save the Whales” it’s from the 70’s, so it looks groovy and has a nice message. Who doesn’t love a whale?

GirlAT: No home is complete without…
Jonathan: Someone you love.

GirlAT: If a woman can only splurge on one summer accessory from your line, it should be…
Jonathan: I would say my Duchess Tote – it’s a go anywhere funster. 

GirlAT: If you could spend the summer anywhere, where would it be?
Jonathan: It’s either Shelter Island, which is where I do spend the summer, but probably it would be Capri. Capri is like my spiritual home. {Cut to a tangent convo where Jonathan and I talk about finding me a husband that can take me to Capri for a stay at La Scalinatella Hotel– seriously I heart him.}

GirlAT: Favorite place to grab ice cream in NYC?
Jonathan: There’s a great new place that opened just around the corner from my house called Amorino on 10th and University, it’s delicious.

GirlAT: Favorite flavor?
Jonathan: I am so boring! I get all my excentricity out through design and then I go for vanilla ice cream.

GirlAT: The one thing that always makes you smile is…
Jonathan: My Norwich Terrier, Liberace.

GirlAT: Does Liberace have a favorite item from your collection?
Jonathan: He has chewed his way through many a pillow and he’s peed on many a rug. I think mostly he’s partial to textile destruction, that’s his sweet spot – the more precious and handcrafted the material, the more likely he is to destroy it. He understands quality; he has very expensive taste and that’s what he pees on.

Visit the Jonathan Adler Store in Houston:
2800 Kirby Dr.
Houston, TX 77098
{Not in Houston? Click here to find a location near you, or shop online!}

Posted on April 23, 2013 .