Questions to ask before you get Botox



Flipping through celeb-filled magazine pages, we've seen Botox become almost commonplace in recent years. Though for every crease-free forehead, you might have also noticed overly arched, almost 'twitchy' looking expressions on devotees to the procedure. At Girl Around Town we have different opinions, and comfort levels, about botulinum toxin. With that in mind, I relished my opportunity to chat with Miami-based board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Adam Rubinstein, to learn more about what one should consider and do before going under the needle.

Dr. Rubinstein's Top Tips

1. Ask questions! Know who is administering it!  Be confident that they are properly credentialed and know what they're doing.

Ask how long they've been doing this and determine if Botox a side business (read: just a money maker) for their medical practice, or are cosmetic procedures the core of their business.  A board-certified plastic surgeon will have a completely different understanding of how the face moves, compared to other medical professionals who are licensed to administer, yet not in the daily business of the movement of the face.

Most of us have seen ads at doctors' offices alerting us that, "Botox, now offered here." Proceed with caution!


2. They should spend some time getting to know you. Not only do you want to be with a doctor who has intimate knowledge of how the face moves, you also want to work with someone who has intimate knowledge of how your face moves. If they don't ask you to move your face for them – smiling, frowning, laughing – then you probably aren't in the right place. You should be with someone who knows and cares enough to provide you with the best treatment. As Dr. Rubinstein pointed out - you wouldn't spend hundreds of dollars on shoes without trying them on and knowing how they fit your feet. A Botox injection doesn't have the ease of a Zappos return policy, so make sure the doctor is really invested in how a treatment will work for YOUR face.


3. Consult, and consult with the best. As a seasoned plastic surgeon, Dr. Rubinstein mentioned that he knew "females who spend much more time and concern on deciding who will cut their hair rather than who will perform their plastic surgery." For those of us who gets sucked into a Botched marathon, you know what he's talking about. So spending time and energy to research precisely who will be performing the administration of the Botox is key. Just because it feels like "everyone is doing it" doesn't mean that this is a casual treatment.  It's your face.


As you research, Dr. Rubinstein suggests consulting with offices that have a broad array of services for enhancement. "The best person to see is someone who doesn't have a vested interest in using just one type of tool." He recommends speaking with a board-certified plastic surgeon because they are the only types of doctors trained in both surgical and non-surgical options. They are trained to look specifically at the natural assets of each patient, and know how they can work with those assets in the most effective way. "If you're only doing surgery, you're missing out on the nuances from other non-surgical procedures. And if you're only using non-surgical remedies, then you're really trying to force everyone into that size 6 shoe, and might be missing out on the potentially better long-term solutions."


Take the opportunity to talk to an expert. "My vested interest is in making sure my patients have all the options available to them, and I do what they are comfortable with. With the wealth of perspective that a plastic surgeon has, they won't try to put a square peg in a round hole."

Hear more from Dr. Rubinstein on his New Reflections radio show.


Girl Around Town is still split on Botox, but in speaking with Dr. Rubinstein, we agree that putting yourself in the care of the most qualified professional is a paramount priority, second only to approaching the consideration of any enhancement from a place of peace, self-love and self-care first and foremost.


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