Rocking Extreme Lashes: Eyelash Growth Treatments

Have you ever stopped to count how many times you stroke the mascara wand over your eyelashes?

A friend working at a major beauty product monolith told me that a study they commissioned revealed that women swipe the wand TWENTY times. Each eye. Every single day.

That doesn't surprise a mascara perfectionist like me. Piecing through the lashes with each go round to avoid clumps and fanning them out for maximum effect takes some time and attention.

I love this little beauty ritual, but realize that that time might be better spent, and thankfully there’s another way to wake up batting beautiful lashes, to avoid that black dust below the eyes, and to have one less product to remove at the end of a long day.

How? Eyelash growth treatments! They’re nonsurgical, easy ways to plump up our natural assets, no matter what state your lashes are in to begin with.

This pick-me-up costs about $100 for each container of solution and results usually appear within two months, lasting as long as the treatments continue.

A variety of products are available online, by prescription or in the office of your local plastic surgeon. While seeing a plastic surgeon for a nonsurgical treatment might seem extreme, remember that these are doctors who are in the business of cosmetic beauty. So, really the question is, who better to see??

Since there can be darkening around the site of the application, and in some cases a darkening of the eyes themselves, consulting with a board-certified expert makes sense.

Find a beauty expert nearby to discuss the newest and most highly recommended treatments for you.


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Posted on September 11, 2014 and filed under Beauty.