Get Ready for Thanksgiving, but Skip the Turkey Neck

CBS's  The Good Wife

CBS's The Good Wife

Gobble, gobble, ban the neck wattle: surgical and nonsurgical neck treatments to be thankful for

Jaw envy, do you have it? When I watch “The Good Wife,” I find myself checking out Julianna Margulies' killer facial angles. So as Turkey Day approaches, I can't help but play up a pun on that little neck wattle that drags some of us down.

From my work writing for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, I've learned a few ways that aesthetic procedures- both surgical and nonsurgical- can banish this obnoxious wattle.

A conventional neck lift is a procedure that ranges from minimal incisions and liposuction to remove fat, to a more invasive version where skin is pulled back with incisions behind the ears, and the muscle under the chin is tightened and stitched to pull it in closer to the neck.

For those of us not comfortable with the idea of invasive surgery, there is another option- nonsurgical skin tightening. I got the skinny on this procedure from board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Grant Stevens. He informed me that nonsurgical skin tightening is achieved by "heating the lower, live layers of the skin and causing collagen stimulation and tissue contraction. The most common nonsurgical skin tightening treatments use Radio Frequency, Infrared Light, and Ultrasound."

Younger patients, with more resilient skin, will likely respond well to nonsurgical skin tightening. Beyond 50, "patients who have excessive laxity really need surgery to correct the issue won't be happy with non-surgical treatments," says Dr. Stevens. Beyond age, excessive laxity may come from massive weight loss, leading to significant jowls or sagging in the neck.

As Dr. Stevens advises, the results from non-surgical skin tightening will vary from patient to patient and body part to body part. Each patient needs to be evaluated on an individual basis.

If anyone finds himself or herself fixated on an image in the mirror that seems decades older than they are, know that there are procedures that fit varying comfort levels and physical needs. To get the best advice possible, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area by going to


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Posted on November 17, 2014 .