The Mommy Makeover and Other Post-Pregnancy Options

In our recent Girl Around Town Beauty Poll, we heard loud and clear that pregnancy–and the post pregnancy body–might be the significant life-change that inspires our readers to go under the knife.

Let’s consider just some of what’s happening to the female body surrounding childbirth: hormones pumping to loosen the skin and joints, a budding body growing within and pushing skin to the extreme, and of course breasts expanding(!) and deflating 

In thinking about what the female body goes through during and after pregnancy, it doesn’t seem far-fetched to consider getting some outside help at the hands of board-certified plastic surgeons. Popular options to perk up a postpartum shape:

Some plastic surgeons bundle popular procedures together, dubbed the Mommy Makeover , though this is a massive surgical undertaking, which comes with a higher risk due to the long operating time and toll that multiple, significantly invasive surgeries take on the body all at one time. If seeking a Mommy Makeover it’s imperative to seek an expert in this procedure.

Oh by the way:

  • Certainly your desire to have more children should be considered prior to undergoing these surgeries, as they will reverse results. (That would be a bummer.)
  • While it might feel counter intuitive- get in shape for your surgery. Do what you can with diet and exercise before surgery because while increasing your overall health may not significantly improve the elasticity of skin or suck those skin folds back in, it will better your overall health and make you a better candidate for any surgery.
  • A qualified surgeon will also talk to you about your goals for the procedure and access your mental and physical state to make sure that both your body and mind has recovered from the stress of childbirth in preparation for surgery and recovery.

Let’s be honest: If considering any of the upgrades, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon, because surgeries are no small endeavor. Then again, neither is childbirth. Your health + happiness is number one.


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Posted on February 6, 2015 and filed under Beauty.